Introduction to Master the Mainframe

About this event

Greetings from DSC-GTBIT!

👋We are glad to be back with another event, this time being Introduction to Master the Mainframe 2020 event which will be conducted by Prubhtej Singh (IBM ZAmbassador & MLSA)

🕔We have scheduled this event to be on the:

31st of October, 20 at 4 PM

Book your RSVP to join us. 

✔️After attending this event, you'll be able to work on the "Master the Mainframe" virtual coding competition, to learn new skills, connect with employers, earn digital badges, and win cash prizes! No technical experience required.

➡️Through three interactive levels, you will access a mainframe and get skilled up on the foundations of Mainframe, including:


◆ Ansible

◆ Python

◆ Unix


◆ REXX, all through the VS Code!

We'll also be doing a comparison between mainframes and cloud computing specific to Azure, towards the end of the program.

🔥This will round it all out with a grand challenge where you can craft your own fully-equipped Mainframe creation.

As a special guest speaker, we'll be having Karan Singh (MLSA) for a short talk on Azure and cloud computing.

To know more, visit the website⬇️

Cya all at the event!

Have a good day ahead!