Calling all beginner coders to participate in epic coding challenge.

About this event

Hello folks 👋

Are you torment with stuff of academics📚 without darting to explore yourself,here comes the right one on your way.

Competitive programming is like solving puzzles🧩. As you progress📈, you solve more complex problems.

Even if you are a beginner problem-solving field and have a basic idea of any programming language, then this initiative is for you to step up your programming skills here at GDSC GNI.

The ubiquitory skills of engineer will be known at how precise he codes the code! Lets start

Here comes the topics👇:

Bit manipulation


Control statements



Hurry up guys! Click it and register by filling out the given form

Start your expedite programing journey by competing with your friends

Note - all first , second years and Third year's can register.