Your First Android App: Part-2

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How's the Josh Techies?❤‍🔥

Keep it high 'cause here we are on the last day of the phenomenal Compose Camp!🫂 GDSC-GGV is truly beholden for the surpassing and unparalleled amount of diligence and gusto you showed throughout the session and expects the same on this last day! ✨

Here we are collaborating with GDSC-GECBSP 🔥

Know everything about the dice-roller apps and much more in today's session!

So let's coalesce and conclude this session with a thorough contemplation on

📅: Date - 15th October 2022

⏱️: Time - 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM

👨‍💻: Location - Google Meet

Waiting to see all our fervid techies at the session, passionate about boosting up their knacks and broadening their intellects at the end!!!💥