GDSC UG x Progate: Ngoding Anti Ribet Online Bootcamp

Universitas Gunadarma
Feb 7 - 21, 2022, 12:00 AM (WIB)

It's great news for any of you who are just getting started with coding or who want to improve their skills. Google DSC Universitas Gunadarma, in collaboration with Progate, hosted an online bootcamp that you may attend for free for two weeks.

About this event

GDSC UG x Progate


This 2 weeks online Bootcamp is a collaboration between Google Developer Student Clubs Universitas Gunadarma and Progate. Join us now and choose one of the three offered modules for free!

✨Three Modules Option:

- Frontend (HTML & CSS)

- Data ( SQL)

- Backend (Python)

🎁Benefit :

- Online Bootcamp GRATIS

- Fleksibel atur jadwal

- Certificate Of Completion

- Tambah ilmu hardskill & softskill

🗓️Schedule Date:

- Registration is open from 24 January 2022 until 5 February 2022.

- Online Bootcamp starts from 7 February 2022.

For more information contact us at our Discord Channel or message us at our Instagram.

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