[GDSC Europe] Ideathon!

Griffith College Ireland
Dec 10 - 16, 2022, 9:00 AM (GMT)

What is Ideathon? Ideathon is a week-long content, supported by Google Devs Europe, that will get you ahead of the game! You will use your creativity and cool tech skills to design the architecture of a scalable application. (this can be a mobile application, a web app, a website, or some sort of hardware)

About this event

An opportunity to make an impact in the world with your skills? This event is designed to help you achieve just that with a kickoff event (December 10th). We will explain everything you need to know to ace your contest + we have cool speaker sessions.

How does the contest work?

  • You form a team (maximum 4 members)
  • Choose one (or more) goals from the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • You create the architecture of an application that solves this problem. Note that this architecture needs to be scalable and plausible to actually create!

There is something in for you!

  • You will gain real-life skills that will look super cool on your resume( PS: you will get a certificate if you submit your idea)
  • You will be using your knowledge for good and contributing to making our planet a better place.
  • Getting the chance to receive mentorship from the best in the industry
  • Learning how to design a scalable project
  • Being ahead of the game for the Solution Challenge

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