Android Study Jams | Chapter-1 Part-2

Congratulations on your enrolment in the Android Study Jam Program. 💫 In this session, we will try to complete chapter 1, and help you to move forward in Android App Development.

Dec 5, 2021, 12:30 – 1:30 PM



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🌟Those who enrolled in Android Study Jams, I hope you are enjoying ✨Android Study Jams sessions and learning new concepts.

>> Our next session🤝 is scheduled for Dec 5, 2021, i.e Sunday at sharp 6:00 PM.

You can register / RSVP for the session at:

You can join the session using the same link at sharp 6 PM on 5th December.

>> For those who missed any of the sessions, refer to the following recording:

👉🏻 1st Session (About ASJ):

👉🏻 2nd Session (Kotlin basics):

We're almost done with Pathway 1. As a result, today's lesson will assist you in quickly grasping topics from Pathway 1. It is recommended that you go through activities and practise coding to improve your coding skills. 🤩

The ASJ course is available at the following URL:

>> Also, it's highly recommended to attend live ASJ Sessions to stay motivated 💫 and connected to the course.🤝

>> Prior to the session, you must download Android Studio.

Instructions for downloading Android Studio can be found here:

>> For any queries or doubts, feel free to drop your message on our Telegram Server:

Or Discord Server:


  • Avneet Singh


  • Sejal Aggarwal

    GDSC Lead

  • Adarsh Rawat

    Cloud Lead

  • Nikhil singh Bisht

    Student Representative (Haldwani Campus)

  • Yogesh Mishra

    Student Representative (Bhimtal Campus)

  • Devang Saklani

    Web Development Lead

  • Avanish Yadav

    Android Development Lead

  • Adarsh Rawat

    Open Code Era

    Opensource Lead


    Competitive Programming Lead

  • Yashika Dixit

    Social Media Manager

  • Adnan Sheikh

    12Fox Studio


  • Siddhant Dabral

    Video Editor

  • Ayush Raj Bhatt

    Content Writer

  • Manpreet Singh Khalsa

    Event Manager and Student Representative(Dehradun)

  • Sejal Aggarwal


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