Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Government Engineering College Thrissur (GEC Thrissur), ECE Seminar Hall, Thrissur, 680009

A quick short intro to Ethical Hacking

Feb 12, 10:30 AM – Feb 19, 3:02 PM



Key Themes

Open Source

About this event

Hoodies? Check. Caffeine? Check. Too cool for school? Double Check.

Inspired by the coolest ninjas in your favourite cyber-thrillers, GDSC Day brings to you a secretly thrilling pre-event workshop. Join us as we unveil the enigmatic world of Ethical Hacking✨️. Together, we will learn to navigate cyberspace and break through coded barriers 🥷

If you do decide to heed the call and become a silent guardian of the digital frontier, register at :

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    GDSC Lead

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    Tech Team

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    Inclusivity Team

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    Tech Team

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    Management Team

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    Design Team

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