Flutter Forward Extended Day-2

About this event

<Google DSC GEC Jagdalpur>

🚀 Get ready to take your Flutter skills to the next level with our upcoming 2-day virtual workshop - Flutter Forward Extended!

This event is a part of our Solution Challenge 101, where we aim to empower students with skills to build real-world solutions that have a positive impact on society. 💡

📅 Date: 18 -19 Feb

🕜 Time: 5 pm

🖥️ Mode: Google Meet

You will get to know professionals' experience along with hands-on sessions to give you practical experience with Flutter development. 💻

Don't miss this opportunity to improve your app development skills!

🎯Our first speaker, Jiten Patel, an iOS Developer at Jio Platforms Limited. His expertise and experience in mobile app development will give you valuable insights.💡

🎯Our second speaker, Ashita Prasad, is the founder of fluttergems.dev and a graduate of IIM A and IIT K. Her knowledge of Flutter will help you understand this powerful app development tool better.