Let's Utter in Flutter

7 Days Flutter Bootcamp

Nov 8, 2021, 1:30 PM – Nov 14, 2021, 3:30 PM



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Let's Utter in Flutter! A week-long workshop for beginners to intermediate flutter developers!

If you ever wanted to hop into cross-platform development, this is the time to kick start your Journey using Flutter!

Here's a sneak peek of all the fun stuff that is all set to begin!

#Day 1- Get introduced to basic Flutter concepts

with Himanshu Pokale, Karan Kharode, and Aman Khan Roohani.

#Day 2- Make use of basic and layout widgets, for both single-child and multiple-child layouts. Use widgets to better customize and control your apps

with Aman Khan Roohani and Karan Kharode.

#Day 3- How animations play a vital role when adding interactivity to your application

with Karan Kharode and Aman Khan Roohani.

#Day 4- Handle HTTP requests and develop a simple app using Some Dummy/Fake API.

with Karan Kharode and Himanshu Pokale.

#Day 5- Build a real-world photos app that retrieves popular and featured images using Pexels .com API

with Karan Kharode and Himanshu Pokale.

#Day 6- State management in flutter using Provider.

with Aman Khan Roohani and Suvit Sharma.

#Day 7- Build a real-world Project.

with Himanshu Pokale, Suvit Sharma, and Aman Khan Roohani.

Don't just enjoy yourself alone, bring others with you! Share the word and don't forget to register to keep your seat!

Registration Link - https://bit.ly/utter-in-flutter

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  • Divija Pawar

    GDSC Lead

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