Google Play Academy Study Jam - Store Listing Workshop

Store listing workshop

Nov 26, 2021, 10:30 AM – Nov 27, 2021, 7:00 AM



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Store listing workshop

Telling your brand story through your store listing can attract more users to download and install your app. Providing an engaging app description, feature video and graphics, and great screenshots in an easy and free way to communicate your brand story to potential users. In this workshop, we’ll discuss what to look for when you are writing your App description and selecting what graphics, videos, and screenshots to add to your store listing, as well as how running experiments in the Google Play Console can help you give real user data on how to improve your store listing.

Study Jams are simply community-run study groups for developers to grow and up-skill themselves.

Similarly, a Google Play Study Jam is a learning program combining practical developer experience with Google Play expertise.

Like-minded developers and practitioners come together to share and further their knowledge of Google Play through interactive classrooms and discussion.


In order to complete the store listing workshop and receive the physical swag, you must complete both sub-topics of the store listing workshop. Registration is mandatory for a guaranteed spot in the study jam and tracking your progress throughout.

We will be kicking off the 1st phase i.e Store Listing Workshop this month for 2 days which goes from

26th Nov 2021, 4 pm (Store Listing Workshop - Description)

27th Nov 2021, 11 am (Store Listing Workshop - Preview Assets)

Sign up for study jam sessions using this link:

Don't forget to fill the post-event survey form (will be provided during the session) after attending both workshops to receive your Swags!


  • Divija Pawar

    GDSC Lead

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