Importance of DSA to crack product based companies.

About this event

Are you an engineering student looking for the right guidance to kickstart your dream career in the product based industry? Look no further! Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) Government College of Engineering, Keonjhar in collaboration with Masai is proud to present a webinar on "Importance of DSA for job in Product Based Company".

This webinar will be conducted by some of the top industry professionals and experts in the field, who will be sharing their insights and experiences on the importance of Data Structure Algorithms (DSA) for job in product based companies. It will be a great platform for students to learn more about the fundamentals of DSA and understand how it can be used to secure better employment opportunities.

The webinar will also provide a unique opportunity for students to interact with the professionals and ask their queries. Through this webinar, participants can understand the basics of DSA and its relevance in the product based industry.

Attending this webinar is the perfect way to gain knowledge and make the most out of the resources available to you. So, make sure you don't miss out on this amazing opportunity. Register today and get ready to learn the importance of DSA for job in product based companies.


  • Aniket Kumar

    Aniket Kumar


    GDSC Lead

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  • Aman Swastik Rath

    Aman Swastik Rath

    Government College of Engineering Keonjhar

    Technical Head

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  • Bijay Pal

    Bijay Pal

    Government college of egineering keonjhar

    Public Relations & Outreach Head

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  • Amit Rout

    Amit Rout


    Web Development Head

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  • Mohammad Azhar Khan

    Mohammad Azhar Khan

    Government College of Engineering Keonjhar

    ML/AI Head

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  • Shubham Jena

    Shubham Jena

    Event Management Head

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  • shouleen ray

    shouleen ray

    Social Media Head

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  • Tanmay kumar Sahoo

    Tanmay kumar Sahoo

    Marketing Head

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    Statics Graphics Head

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  • Debashish Das

    Debashish Das

    Motion Graphics Head

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  • Trupti Nayak

    Trupti Nayak

    Marketing Analyst

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  • Aseet Gourab

    Aseet Gourab

    GDSC - GCE Keonjhar

    Public Relation & Outreach

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  • Bebina Nayak

    Bebina Nayak

    Technical Content Writer Head

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