Bappa Ka Prasad 1.0

Are you ready to code your way to divine success? Introducing "Bappa ka Prasad 1.0," the ultimate online coding contest that promises to test your coding prowess and challenge your problem-solving skills. Join us on 21st September at 8:00pm for an exciting coding battle hosted on a leading online coding platform. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting prizes that await the winners.

Sep 21, 2023, 2:30 – 4:30 PM



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Career DevelopmentSolution Challenge

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Event Highlights:

Thrilling Coding Challenges: Get ready to tackle a series of challenging coding problems that will put your skills to the test. These problems will range in difficulty, ensuring both beginners and seasoned programmers can participate.

Compete Globally: Bappa ka Prasad 1.0 is open to coders from all around the world. Compete with the best and brightest minds in the coding community to prove your mettle.

Prizes and Recognition: Top performers will not only earn bragging rights but also stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Additionally, winners will be featured on our platform and recognized for their coding achievements.

Friendly Competition: While the competition will be fierce, the coding community is known for its camaraderie. Connect with fellow participants, share your coding journey, and learn from others.

Divine Theme: In the spirit of celebration, our coding contest is inspired by the festive atmosphere of Bappa Ganesh Chaturthi. Expect some unique and creatively themed challenges that pay homage to this beloved festival.


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  • Riddhi Vernekar

    GDSC Government college of engineering,Aurangabad

    GDSC Lead

  • Pratik Wayal

    AI/ML lead

  • Karan Gawande

    Operational & Event Management Core Member

  • Sagar Madankar

    Operational & Event Management Lead

  • Sujit Magar

    Program & Community Manager

  • Rushikesh Chavan

    Marketing Lead

  • Akash Shinde

    Technical Core Member

  • Prajakta Jagdale

    Technical Core Member

  • Tejas Mahajan

    Design Core Team Member

  • Atharva shete


    Cloud Lead


    Documentation Head

  • Yatish Badgujar

    Government College Of Engineering, Aurangabad

    Design Core Team Member

  • Pratik Karpe

    Android Development Team

  • Bhavesh Jadhav

    Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad

    Backend Expert

  • Yashraj Gunjal

    Design Team Member

  • Sarvesh Gulhane

    Content Lead

  • Pooja Daydar

    Design Team Member

  • Muhammad Ahmar Hilal

    Web Dev Lead

  • Tanisha Bang

    Marketing Member

  • Prachi Bhonde

    UI/UX and Design Team Member

  • Nikita Walake

    Event Management Team Member

  • Kanchan Bochare

    First Year Volunteers

  • Maitreya Ganeshpure

    Peer 2 Peer

    Design Team Member

  • Gauri Mulik

    Web Team Member

  • Prathmesh Rane

    Design Team Member & Video editor


    Event Management Team

  • Bharat Sable

    Event Management Team Member

  • Shalini Katore

    Web Dev Team Member

  • Shreyas Deshmukh

    Web team member

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