Solution Challenge Resource Lift-off | GDSC- GESCOENGG

About this event

Hello tech geeks!👩‍💻

We are excited to inform you that the second session of the solution challenge will be hosted by *GDSC-GESCOENGG Today . yes you've read it right, tonight itself !!!🤩

Surely you are aware of the 17 sustainable goals?🎯 But what are they exactly?  this might  be an question to all isn't it?

So here we are !💥

In todays session lets  make an effort to acknowledge the underlying problem statements and discover more about these real-world problems in fine detail.✨

Empower yourself to develop innovative solutions.💫

Join with us🤝

Time : 7:00pm

Date : 9 Feb 2023

Link  :

See you in the session!!!✨