Flutter Festival 2022 GLBITM Session 5

About this event

Hey folks!

Google Developer Student Club, GLBITM invites you to Flutter Festival 2022 (Session 5)

Where you can learn the fundamentals of Google technologies: featuring Flutter, Firebase, and Google Cloud content ğŸŽ¯

Even with little to no coding experience, you may find your niche here🌟

Our fifth session will be on Saturday, March 19th at 4.00 PM in online mode where we will walk through Flutter and Dart essentials.

What will you learn?

We'll learn about Firebase and create a Google Authentication App.

At the end of this learning series, you will be able to build your flutter apps, with no prerequisites for participatingğŸŽ‰

Date: March 19th, 2022

Time ⌚: 4.00 PM

Register now at: https://dscglbajaj.github.io/web/

We're going to build flutter apps and conclude the event. So students attending all the last 3 sessions will get a certificate of appreciation from GDSC GLBITM.

See you at the event✨