Android Study Jams Session 3

About this event

Hey folks,

We are glad that we have completed the first and second sessions of Android Study Jams. We have covered the basics of Kotlin and made the basic app to understand objects, classes, and layouts

In the 3rd session also we'll be working through the curriculum offered by Google. We will learn a few more concepts of Kotlin including inheritance.

Prerequisites :

-A laptop💻

-An Android device/ Emulator Setup

-A USB cable

-Ensure that you have installed Android Studio before attending the session.

Having an Android device is optional, bring that with a USB cable to learn to run your apps on your device.

Join us at 4 pm on Saturday, 8th January 2021🗓️ for our 3rd session.

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Saumya Srivastava,

Android Study Jams Facilitator

Sarthak Saxena,

Team Lead,