DevFest Georgia 2021

DevFest is back! πŸ’₯ Georgia will host the largest, global event in the world of technology online on November 22-28!

Nov 22, 2021, 2:00 PM – Nov 27, 2021, 5:00 PM



Key Themes

About this event

DevFest is back! πŸ’₯

Georgia will host the largest, global event in the world of technology online on November 22-28!

😱 For 7 days we will talk about 12 topics and host the Algorithms Championship!

On November 22 you can join us for 2 sessions:

- Career in Technology | Speakers: Nana Dikhaminjia, Mariam Lomtadze;

- Guide to DevOps Engineering | Speaker: Giorgi Keratishvili;

- November 23, even people interested in Android will welcome you and talk about how to take the first steps in this direction | Speaker: Tato Kutalia;

 - November 24 We will hear some very interesting and necessary tips on internships and full-time job opportunities at Google | Speakers: Zviad Kardava, Sandro Dolidze;

 - Security in the online world has become very important today, so on November 25, those interested in this topic are waiting for us in our virtual session | Speaker: Lily Fullarian;

πŸ”Ή November 26th will be a slightly different day for our Devfest:

- Professional growth in technology | Speaker: Zurab Pertaia;

- If you love solving programming tasks in the context of algorithms you should definitely join us!

πŸ”Ή November 27 will be a day full of varied and interesting sessions:

- In the first session we will talk about cyber security and blockchain | Speaker: Gela Kurtanidze

 - The second session will be dedicated to software engineering in early stage startups | Speakers: Sandro Dolidze, Ana Mchedlishvili, Ilia Sturua;

β–ͺ️ 17:00 - At the next session - Startup ecosystem in Georgia and successful startups will share their experience | Speakers: Ninutsa Nanitashvili, Mariam Khomeriki, Davit Kvitsiani, Ana Robakidze;

- In the last session of the day we will dedicate Google's featured product, Google Maps, and talk about why this product is important for tourism and business development | Speaker: Tornike Jobava.

πŸ”Ή November 28 will be especially interesting for people interested in artificial intelligence:

- On the last day of the festival we will learn how to use Google Assistant in the field of development | Speaker: Natia Doliashvili.

 - Then we will talk about Deep Learning | Speaker: Sandro Barnabishvili

Our partner companies: CNICK, Exadel Georgia, Smart Academy, UG-Limes, TBC IT Academy,, Entrepreneur Georgia, Collider, business partner.

If you want to join us, fill out this application form, indicate which sessions you want to attend and we will send you all the details by e-mail πŸ‘‰

If you want to be the first to hear all the news of Devfest, join the group πŸ‘‰

The organizers of the festival are Google Developer communities in Georgia: GDG Kutaisi, GDG Tbilisi, GDSC Free University, GDSC BTU, GDSC Iliauni, GDSC IBSU, GDSC GAU, GDSC BSU, GDSC TSU 😊

πŸš€ See you at Devfest!


  • Nana Dikhaminjia

    Ilia State University

    Vice Rector for Innovations and Science Popularisation

  • Mariam Lomtadze


    Dev Degree Intern

  • Ninutsa Nanitashvili

    GDG Tbilisi


  • Sandro Dolidze

    Temi Cloud

    Co-founder & CTO

  • Sandro Barnabishvili


    Applied Scientist (NLP)

  • Giorgi Keratishvili


    DevOps Engineer

  • Tato Kutalia


    Android Chapter Lead

  • Lily Fulariani

    Digital Literacy Spreading Women

    Co-founder and Trainer

  • Ilia Sturua


    Software Engineer

  • David Kvitsiani



  • Mariam Khomeriki



  • Ana Robakidze

    Clientela Inc.

    Head of Engineering

  • Natia Doliashvili

    Bank of Georgia

    Data Scientist


  • Mariam Zenaishvili


    GDSC Lead

  • tornike akhobadze

    GDSC Lead

  • Luka Gulverdashvili

    GDSC Lead

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