Hosting Quincy Larson with Bukit Vista

Georgetown University
Jan 26 - 27, 2021, 11:00 PM (EST)

We invite you to join Bukit Vista's E-Talk Series 12th event, hosted by multiple DSC clubs. We are proud to be hosting Quincy Larson, founder of, to discuss how he built his company.

About this event

The demand for computer programmers, technology, and AI jobs are getting higher.

The digitalization makes us keep following the development, based on the article “Top

Career Trends that Will Matter Most in 2020/2021” that written by Nestor Gilbert on, now it’s a good time to learn skills like light coding and data analytics.

The freeCodeCamp is already known as a non-profit organization that provides an

interactive learning web platform that is accessible to anyone. It’s founded by Quincy

Larson in 2014, incorporated with Free Code Camp, Inc.