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About this event

Greetings from GDSC GVPCEW!

Are you ready for an evening of fun, excitement, and brain-teasing challenges? Look no further than our upcoming quiz event!

Join us for a night of trivia, puzzles, and games that will test your knowledge in a variety of topics, from pop culture to history, science to literature, and much more. Whether you're a trivia buff or just looking for a fun night out with friends, our quiz event has something for everyone.

Our experienced quizmasters will guide you through a series of rounds, each one more challenging than the last. Put your thinking caps on and get ready to battle it out with other teams for the top prize! But even if you don't win, you'll still have a blast competing and learning new things along the way.

So gather your friends, form a team, and get ready to put your knowledge to the test. Our quiz event is the perfect way to spend an evening of fun and entertainment. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity - sign up today and get ready for an unforgettable night of quizzing!

Here are the details of the quiz:

PYTHON      https://p.hck.re/xiGV           26/02/23

GIT               https://p.hck.re/km5H         27/02/23

HTML&CSS  https://p.hck.re/3PGi          28/02/23

C                   https://p.hck.re/5Ata          01/03/23

CPP              https://p.hck.re/fkRW          02/03/23

JAVA SCRIPT https://p.hck.re/R4ky        03/03/23

JAVA             https://p.hck.re/DEUY        04/03/23


Team CP


  • Praseeda Saripalle

    Praseeda Saripalle

    Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering for Women

    GDSC Lead

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