"Healthathon" - a Healthcare based Hackathon powered by Hack2Skill

Hope to Impact the Health Sector Together!

Nov 19, 2022, 7:32 AM – Nov 30, 2022, 7:32 AM



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About this event

Google DSC GVPCEW is collaborating for the Healthathon-Datathon being organized by String Ventures, powered by Hack2skill.

 It’s a hackathon aiming to facilitate the use of Data in the healthcare sector making it the ideal opportunity for Data Engineers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, and other skilled individuals to expand their knowledge and instill innovation in healthcare for the greater good. As we all know, that accurate data in healthcare can mean the difference between life & death to an entire group of patients.

Participants will have to explore & extract publicly available Healthcare Data around the Globe, with special emphasis on the USA region, and also come up with unique methods and tools to extract the data from the web. In the two-phase hackathon, the first phase would consist of registration & finding a relevant healthcare topic, followed by training. The second phase would consist of an evaluation of the submitted methods/tools and the extracted data.

The teams with the best and most efficient methods/tools for data extraction will be declared the winners. The first prize is ₹50,000/- followed by prizes for the first & second runner up of ₹25,000 & ₹10,000 respectively. Internship and Job opportunity to work with String Venture, United States

Registration Open!

Registrations closing: 18th November 2022.

Checkout the details: https://bit.ly/gdgcommunities

Hope to Impact the Health Sector Together!


  • Praseeda Saripalle


    Lead (2022-23)


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String Ventures logo

String Ventures


  • Shweta Evangeline

    GDSC Lead

  • Prasanthi Mallipeddi

    Android App Developer

  • Archana Darapu

    Social Media Handler


    Machine Learning Practitioner

  • Vasanthi Kodukula

    Social Media Handler

  • Yetendriya Lamani Kodidasu

    Machine Learning Practitioner

  • Sri Meghana Supriya

    Web Developer

  • Sai Harika Nanduri

    Machine Learning Practitioner

  • Bhuvaneswari Bezawada

    GDSC 2023-24

    Web Developer

  • Durga Prasanna Toopati

    Technical Content Writer

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