Competitive Programming Contest 1

while( ! ( succeed = try( ) ) );

Check out what happened

About this event

Greetings from Google Developer Student Clubs GVPCEW

Hola Coders!👋

To be a programmer is to sign yourself up for a life of constant learning. The fountain of new — new features, new languages, new tools, new frameworks—never stops gushing!

So, to give you that wholesome experience of Constant Learning, Team Competitive Programming from GDSC GVPCEW has come forward to establish Competetive Programming Contests. And here, is the ignition or the kickstart of the series that they wanted to build. 🥳

For all those who fear Coding! Here is the opportunity for you to break the ice and free your wings!

Come, participate and be a regular attendee of the Coding Contests by Team CP of GDSC GVPCEW and you yourself witness the transformation within you

Here is the link for the Contest: