GDSC GIT: Introductory Session

This is an introductory session about GDSC, it will cover topics such as What is GDSC, How to contribute and become a part of GDSC, benefits of being a part of GDSC and other similar topics.

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Hello GITians!

Let's come together for an introductory session of GDSC (Google Developer Student Club) as we skyrocket our journey for this academic year. If you are keen on learning more about technology, design, and new google products, or maybe you're looking for some motivation to start learning something new? We are here to help you in getting started! The club will strive to inspire the student community with practical activities and real-life problem-solving through technology.

Make sure to RSVP‚ú® and stay tuned.


Harsh Peshwani


Gandhinagar Institute of Technology

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