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Hey people,👋

What's in the air??

I hope the enthusiasm towards learning isn't down by any factor!!😜

Anyway, let's get into something that we haven't thrived from a long time!

A Hackslash!!

Sounds interesting right🤩

Yes, a 3 days long hackathon, gives students a platform to showcase their ideas and technical skills at a recognized level.🤓

HackSlash gives engrossing and strenuous problem statements widespread over different domains. Come together with like-minded people and attempt to find solutions to myriads of problems and win exciting prizes.

For all we know, their solution could potentially make a difference to someone out there. This hackathon will help DSC GITAM to bring out potential participants for the DSC Solution Challenge 2021.

We are sure that this is the perfect opportunity to get those breathtaking ideas out of participants' astonishing minds and onto the computer screens.

Not only with competitions but HackSlash also involves a tech talk named “Hack-Talk” from industry experts Aravind Gunda & Anuj Duggal (Google India) in the field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning software development, helping students with their ideas and also throwing light on where the future lies with artificial intelligence.


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