Flutter festival GDSC GITAM - Info Session

GDSC is bringing a 30-day event that gives you an opportunity to create mobile applications in iOS and on android using flutter. During the course of time, our experienced speakers will teach you everything about flutter from scratch using real-world examples.

Mar 5, 2022, 5:15 – 6:30 AM



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Flutter festival GDSC GITAM - Info Session

Hello Folks, 👋🏽

We all know how vital an excellent bug-free mobile application is. So, we at GDSC are back with yet another event where our facilitator will guide you on how to work effortlessly with Flutter, an open-source UI framework that helps us create native mobile applications in both iOS and Android with a single codebase. It is a 30-day event in which we hold a series of webinars where experienced speakers from our college will teach you everything about Flutter from scratch and by using real-world examples. You'll also be gaining knowledge on firebase and cloud during the course of the program. By the end of the month, the participant will be able to develop a simple and fast application in any software and be awarded a certificate of participation along with a surprise gift. So, what's stopping you from learning and opening the doors for a wide range of opportunities.

The first event planned for the flutter month:

Introduction to app development-A guide webinar:

Date:5th March 2022, Saturday


Mode: Online

Click on the link for registrations:



  • Manas Malla

    Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management

    GDSC Lead

  • Sree Teja Dusi

    GDG Vizag

    Machine Learning Lead

  • Lochan Mathukumilli

    Lead | Photography and Videography

  • Satwik Varma


    Lead | Logistics

  • Geethika Chadaram

    Lead | Public Relations

  • Mohan Satya Kommana

    Lead | Graphic Design

  • Devarsh Sayana

    Lead | Operations

  • Lasya Janapala

    Lead | Anchoring & Event Hosting

  • Omsri D

    GITAM University

    Lead | Competitve Programming

  • Shobhit Nagpal

    Co-Lead | Web Dev

  • Amrutha Vajjha

    Co-Lead | Content

  • Sai Sree Kodali

    Women Ambassador

  • Visista Swarangi

    Lead | Graphic Designing

  • Radhakrishna Amperayani

    Co-Lead | Operations

  • Kiran Sandeep

    Co-Lead | Public Relations

  • Akhila Ravipati

    GITAM University

    Co-Lead | Content Writing

  • Harshita Doki

    Co-Lead | Machine Learning

  • Rayaprolu Tejashree

    Co-Lead | Anchoring & Event Hosting

  • Philkhana Sidharth

    Lead | Web Dev

  • N. Anuradha .R

    Co-Lead | Competitive Programming

  • Bhavana Aripilli

    Co-Lead | Android

  • Krishna Kaustav Epari

    Co-Lead | Competitive Programming

  • Srinidhi Chitti 22129943101

    Lead | Content Writing

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