Hack the mountains 2.0

Galgotias University - Greater Noida
Jun 26 - 27, 2021, 6:00 PM (IST)

About this event

Hello coders!

It's your time to shine! All those developement and coding practice are going to pay off.

Hack the mountains is back with it's second installment,Hack The Mountains 2.0, now

bigger, better and Global!!

It's a 36 hour long hackathon on a global level with people competing all around the

world. So it's time to put the night oil back on, put on that lofi music and start being


Still reading?

how about start acting on it right now and register! It's time to stress your brain again

and come up with all the creativity within you and get a chance to win prizes worth

$50,000 in the Hack the hackathon.

Don't miss out on such an amazing opportunity and register now! It's your turn to create!

And win Swags, tees, goodies, and a lot of stickers for all of you !!!

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Website:- https://hackthemountain.tech/

HTM Qubits Workshop Link:- https://live.hackthemountain.tech/