Python 101 Introduction to Programming Bootcamp

Galatasaray University
Mar 7 - 11, 2022, 6:00 PM (GMT+3)

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About this event

We organize "Introduction to Python 101 Programming" training exclusively for women so that women can be included in the labor market in the software industry and improve themselves against the current inequality of opportunity.

You can learn the basic principles of programming in 5 days and step into the world of code development with Python language with the training to be organized in cooperation with Galatasaray University Computer Engineering faculty members and Galatasaray University Google Developer Students Club.

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What is the PURPOSE of Python 101 Bootcamp?

We want to be by the side of young women who want to be directed towards software but have not had the opportunity so far or do not know where to start, in the first step they take in this regard.

It aims to make dreams come true by bringing willing, ambitious and passionate new female software developers to the IT sector.

This project is realized in cooperation with Galatasaray University - Google Developer Students Club and

WHO can attend Python 101 Bootcamp?

Age 25 and under

At least secondary school graduate

Studying in a field other than engineering and technology departments

Willing, passionate, ambitious young women will be accepted to the program.