Flutter Camp

Galatasaray University
Dec 13 - 19, 2021, 8:00 PM (GMT+3)

About this event

Flutter Camp, a free and certified online training camp we have prepared as Google Developer Students Club Galatasaray, is starting. Flutter, an important language of mobile and web technology, will be discussed by different educators who are experts in their fields, within the scope of the camp that will be held between 13-19 December.

For detailed information: https://www.gdscgalatasaray.com/kamplar/flutter


December 13 - 19
8:00 PM (+03)


  • Beste Sengul

    Beste Sengul

    Google DSC Galatasaray University

    GDSC Lead

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  • Umut Gazi Başal

    Umut Gazi Başal

    General Coordinator

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  • Yasemin Özsavaş

    Yasemin Özsavaş

    Vice President

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  • yiğit aksel

    yiğit aksel

    General Coordinator

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  • Yusuf Zahit Mert

    Yusuf Zahit Mert

    Android Project & Solution Challange Team Member

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  • Ali Hakkı Aydın

    Ali Hakkı Aydın

    Université Galatasaray

    Tech Talks Team Member

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  • ahmet faruk kartal

    ahmet faruk kartal

    Android Project Team Member

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  • bahadır atılgan

    bahadır atılgan

    Firebase Event Coordinator

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  • Furkan Erdi

    Furkan Erdi

    Mentor & Android Project & SC Team Member

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    Android Project & Solution Challange Team Member

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