Visual and Product Design

- Learn Design Principles - Learn the UX Design Process - Learn to sketch wireframes

Feb 9, 2021, 6:00 – 7:00 PM



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المتميزون هم فقط.. من يبحثون عن التميز 😎

الSolutions Challenge متميز جدا ف اوانه 💫..ف مغامرينا المتميزين.. بعد مخلصنا سيشن الDesign Thinking.. مع م/ تقي..وعرفنا آليته وازاي نلاقي solutions للمشكلة..🙆

جه وقت سيشن ال Visual & Product🔥🌀

واللي فيها ھ...

- Learn Design Principles

- Learn the UX Design Process

- Learn to sketch wireframes

عشان تعرفوا التفاصيل وهنكمل الWeek ازاي🤔؟..

استنو السيشن مع م/عبدالرحمن إياد...🔥

DSC's Assuit leader 💪

Microsoft Student Ambassador ⚡

هتكون 9Feb...الساعة 8Pm..🕗

مغامرينا المتميزين... استنونا😉💟

Only the distinguished ... those looking for excellence 😎

The Solutions Challenge is very distinguished in its time💫,so our distinguished adventurers .. After we have launched the Design Thinking ... with Eng\Taqa. We knew its mechanism and how we will find solutions to the problem ...🙆

It's time to launch the Visual & Product session 🔥🌀

And in it ,we will...

- Learn Design Principles

-Learn the UX Design Process

- Learn to sketch wireframes

To know the details and how we will complete the week🤔? ..

Wait the session with Eng \ Abdulrahman Eyad ...🔥

DSC's Assuit leader 💪

Microsoft Students Ambassador ⚡

It will be 9 8 pm 🕗

Our distinguished adventurers ...wait us 😉💟











Tuesday, February 9, 2021
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


-Learn to sketch wireframes
- Learn Design Principles
- Learn the UX Design Process


  • Abdelrhman Eyad

    GDSC Assiut



  • Rokia Darwish

    Future Academy

    GDSC Lead

  • Osama Sowidan

    Software Engineer

  • Reham Ahmed

    GDSC Future Academy


  • Kholoud Ahmed

    GDSC Future Academy

    PR Head

  • Abdalrhman Boshnak

    Co-lead Media


  • Ahmed Alaa

    Head Of Organizer Team

  • Somia Khalil

    Conten Writer

  • Maha Abdelmoneam


  • Yara Mohamed Ahmed Abbadi


  • Abdelwahab Mansour

    HR Core member

  • Ahmed Badr

    Google DSC Future Academy

    Android Head

  • Omar Samir


  • Amira Saqr

    Head Front-end

  • Ali Omar

    Graphic designer

  • Mohamed Gamal

    Artificial intelligence engineer

  • عبدالتواب علي بخيت

    Flutter Developer

  • Muhammed Nabih

    Faculty of Computer Science


  • Ahmed Abdelfattah


  • Abdallah Osama

    flutter developer

  • Ahmed Reda

    Google DSC Future Academy

    Social Media

  • Omar Abd El-Aziz

    Google DSC Future Academy

    Graphic Design & Organizer

  • Mohamed Hany

    Cyber security head

  • Abd Alrahman Hendawy

    Back-end Head