Natural Language Processing (NLP)

we will talk about Natural Language Processing (NLP), we’ll also talk about Language Processing Pipelines which are used by NLP to help it understand any language spoken by people.

Sep 18, 2021, 6:30 – 8:30 PM



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Machine Learning

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Hey there everyone!

Now, we are going to introduce you to our speaker for the next session!

⚠️ Alert: you don't need have a strong basics you just need to some of enthusiasm.

Eng. Mazen Elsayed 👨🏻‍💻💫

Eng. Mazen will talk with us about Natural Language Processing (NLP), he’ll also talk about Language Processing Pipelines which are used by NLP to help it understand any language spoken by people.

Eng. Mazen will also talk about NLP applications like:

🔹 Spam Classification

🔹 Speech Tagging

🔹 Machine Translation

🔹 Image Captioning

At the end of the session, Eng. Mazen will talk about Text Preprocessing and how to edit and clean our data and make it ready for modeling.

In the practical part of the session we’ll work on Qwiklabs with the guidance of

Eng. Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Samy

🔹 Mahmoud studies Mechatronics Engineering at the Egyptian Chinese University

🔹 ML Support & PR Head at GDSC-ECU

🔹 Member at EVER Electrical Team

🔹 He’s passionate and has experience in the fields of Automotive and Embedded Systems

🔹His LinkedIn Profile:⤵️

He will walk us step by step through the Lab which is called ⬇️

Predict Taxi Fare with a Big Query ML Forecasting Model

In the Create ML Models with Big Query ML Quest.

There's all the content of our next session, what you are waiting for now? We are waiting for you and your friends✨













  • Mazen Elsayed

    Ain Shams University



  • Rokia Darwish

    Future Academy

    GDSC Lead

  • Osama Sowidan

    Software Engineer

  • Reham Ahmed

    GDSC Future Academy


  • Kholoud Ahmed

    GDSC Future Academy

    PR Head

  • Abdalrhman Boshnak

    Co-lead Media


  • Ahmed Alaa

    Head Of Organizer Team

  • Somia Khalil

    Conten Writer

  • Maha Abdelmoneam


  • Yara Mohamed Ahmed Abbadi


  • Abdelwahab Mansour

    HR Core member

  • Ahmed Badr

    Google DSC Future Academy

    Android Head

  • Omar Samir


  • Amira Saqr

    Head Front-end

  • Ali Omar

    Graphic designer

  • Mohamed Gamal

    Artificial intelligence engineer

  • عبدالتواب علي بخيت

    Flutter Developer

  • Muhammed Nabih

    Faculty of Computer Science


  • Ahmed Abdelfattah


  • Abdallah Osama

    flutter developer

  • Ahmed Reda

    Google DSC Future Academy

    Social Media

  • Omar Abd El-Aziz

    Google DSC Future Academy

    Graphic Design & Organizer

  • Mohamed Hany

    Cyber security head

  • Abd Alrahman Hendawy

    Back-end Head

  • Ahmed Elsaeed

    Google DSC Future Academy

    Graphic Design & Organizer

  • Habiba N Elalkamy


  • Manar Nael

    Graphic Designer

  • Saja Mohie

    Social Media

  • Judy AlQabbani

    Head Flutter

  • Sherif Ali

    GDSC Future Academy


  • Marwan Alaa


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