Machine learning session (support session 2)

Future Academy
Wed, Feb 22, 8:00 PM (EET)

About this event

Machine learning session(support session 2)


Time: 8 pm

Title Topic: Introduction to machine learning

Title speaker: Data scientist

Experience: Good morning, I'm Jihad Magdy instructor of machine learning in AMIT

Graduate from Computer science in Modern academy.

I have experience in many projects since 3 years in machine learning and data analysis.

I have Testimony in audacity at data analysis and many in machine learning.

I teach machine learning after a lot of patience in learning it and hard work to get what I want, I am interested in VR in the future.

Phone number: 01100578291

Linkedin: Agenda: ●Classification in machine learning ●Logistic regression ●Hyper parameter tuning         ●example