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Join us for the Google Build With AI Hackathon, where innovation meets impact! This exciting event invites participants to harness the power of AI across various themes including healthcare, agribusiness, social impact, and more. Whether you're passionate about revolutionizing healthcare with AI-driven solutions, optimizing agricultural processes, or creating positive social change through technol

Jun 14, 7:00 AM – Jun 16, 1:00 PM



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About this event

Welcome to the Google Build With AI Hackathon, where innovation meets impact across a diverse array of themes!

1. AI in Healthcare: Dive into the realm of healthcare and explore how AI can revolutionize patient care, assist medical professionals in diagnosis and treatment, optimize hospital operations, and enhance the overall healthcare experience.

2. Social Impact Initiatives: Leverage the power of AI to address pressing social challenges and drive positive change in communities around the world. From education and poverty alleviation to environmental sustainability and beyond, your AI-driven solutions have the potential to make a real difference.

3. AI for Tourism: Explore the intersection of AI and tourism to create innovative solutions that enhance the travel experience for visitors and locals alike. From personalized recommendations and itinerary planning to sustainable tourism practices and cultural preservation, there are endless possibilities to explore.

4. Simplifying Foreign Business in Georgia with AI: Delve into the realm of entrepreneurship and discover how AI can streamline processes and remove barriers for foreigners looking to start businesses in Georgia. From legal and administrative tasks to market research and networking, your AI solutions can empower entrepreneurs and drive economic growth.

5. AI for Agribusiness: Uncover the potential of AI to transform the agricultural industry, from optimizing crop yields and predicting weather patterns to monitoring soil health and managing resources efficiently. Your AI-powered innovations can revolutionize the way we produce food and ensure a sustainable future for agriculture.

6. HOREA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés): Revolutionize the hospitality industry with AI-driven solutions that enhance guest experiences, streamline operations, and drive business growth. From personalized customer service and predictive maintenance to data-driven marketing strategies and supply chain optimization, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you're passionate about healthcare, social impact, tourism, entrepreneurship, agriculture, or hospitality, the Google Build With AI Hackathon is your opportunity to unleash your creativity, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and build transformative AI projects that have the potential to shape the future. Join us in harnessing the power of AI for good and making a meaningful impact on the world!


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    Free University of Tbilisi

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