GDSC Weekly-Thon WEEK 2

🚀 The GDSC Weekly-thon is Back for Round Two! 🚀 We took a short break to conquer our UT 2, but now we're back and better than ever! The GDSC Weekly-thon is ready to kick off round two, and we're more excited than ever to continue this journey with you.

Oct 16, 2023, 11:30 AM – Oct 21, 2023, 6:15 PM



Key Themes

Career DevelopmentCompose CampGoogle I/O ExtendedGoogle WorkspaceOpen SourceSolution ChallengeUI / UXWeb

About this event

📅 Mark Your Calendar: Round 2 begins on 16 October 2023 and runs through 20th October 2023.

🌟 This week’s Problem Statement :*Building an Online Art Gallery🖼

Evaluation Criteria:




- Functionality

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  • Arnav Pandita


    GDSC Lead

  • Shreya S Sahay

    Joint Lead

  • Vijay Prajapati

    Technical Advisor

  • Rahul Bothra

    Operational Advisor

  • Deon Gracias

    Postman Student Lead

  • Sanket Mane

    Head of Operations

  • Shubh Shetty

    Management Lead

  • Punit Giri

    Technical and Marketing Lead

  • Bryce Miranda

    Technical & PR Head

  • Sanat Patil

    Graphic Design Lead

  • dhruv mayekar

    Graphic Design Co-Lead

  • Chhand Chaughule


    Web-Dev Lead

  • Zane Falcao

    Blockchain Lead

  • Aston Castelino

    AI/ML Lead

  • Akshat Sarraf

    AI/ML Co-Lead

  • Soham Parab

    App-Dev Lead

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