Let's Build a Mobile App - Fun with Flutter Part 1

Florida Atlantic University
Fri, Aug 28, 2020, 2:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Let's Build a Mobile App - Fun with Flutter Part 1

Join us as our tech lead, Jonathan Yataco, introduces the significance of Flutter and follow along to create your own mobile weather app to demonstrate Flutter's capabilities.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Yataco is a Master's of Science student in Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University. He's currently an iOS software development intern at Cocobolo Group and Unify. His main interests lie in native iOS app development and lower-level programming for digital signal processing. As a tech lead for the FAU Developer Student Club, he engages with the student body in introducing and teaching various Google technologies.


For more details, see the event details page on our website.

No prior Flutter or development experience required

You'll need a computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux.

What you'll learn

  • What makes Flutter such a powerful tool for programming mobile apps
  • How to create a mobile weather app using Flutter
  • How to interact with APIs in Flutter


Need help?

Our tech leads are here to help! They can help guide you through labs, answer any questions about the content, and provide a more comprehensive overview of the content. Reach out to them on the Discord server.

Take the opportunity to discuss these topics with other members of the club. Get to know them, ask questions, and provide help. This is a great way to find potential team members for the Solution Challenge. Make sure to guide members to the correct solution rather than giving them the answer.

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NOTE: This event is open to everyone (students and non-students). There may be some collaborative sections during the event, for which you'll need to be in our Discord server. We will provide more information during the event.