GTWU v2.0: Figma Competition

FEU Institute of Technology
Mar 3 - 4, 3:30 PM (PST)

About this event

Who can register?

• IT, CS, MA, Engineering FEU Tech students are all welcome to register and attend the GTWU event.

About the event:

As part of Technoweek, GDSC FEU Tech will be conducting a face-to-face and online event called Get Techy With Us which includes talks on UI/UX design and UX research, as well as a Figma workshop and mini competition.

The first day of the event will be face-to-face and will consist of a series of seminars on UI/UX design and UX research. On the second day, it will be conducted online and will focus on a comprehensive tutorial on how to utilize the Figma tool. Then, a mini figma competition will be held so that participants may apply the knowledge they have gained from the speakers and workshop.

The goal of this event is to enable FEU Tech students to understand the difference between UI/UX Design and UX Research as well as to provide a hands-on workshop using the Figma tool.

And, that there will be a 50 pesos registration fee. See? For just PHP50, you can get full access to our seminars and workshop, plus the option to join our mini figma competition and get a chance to win PHP500. So don't miss this chance to learn and win! Mark your calendars on March 2 from 9AM to 12 PM here at FEU Tech and on March 3 from 1PM to 4PM via Zoom Conference. See you, iTam Devs! Thank you so much and have a great day, everyone!


  • Maria Jocelle Cruz

    Maria Jocelle Cruz

    Lead and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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  • Christelle Ridad

    Christelle Ridad

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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  • Sofia Landrito

    Sofia Landrito

    Chief Creatives Officer (CCO)

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  • Katrine Balite

    Katrine Balite

    Chief Operations Officer (COO)

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  • Fionna Desserei Baculi

    Fionna Desserei Baculi

    Chief Community Development Officer (CCDO)

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  • Ivan Cydney Adeva

    Ivan Cydney Adeva

    Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

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