GDSC FEU Tech Officers Virtual Onboarding

FEU Institute of Technology
Tue, Mar 14, 4:00 PM (PST)

This virtual onboarding is to formally welcome the officers and introduce the executive and adviser of GDSC FEU Tech. This will assist new officers in learning and understanding the organization's mission, vision, and purpose.

About this event

Main Objective: The main objective of this activity is to officially welcome the new recruit officers of GDSC FEU Tech

Specific Objective/s:

1. To give the officers an opportunity to know and interact with each other.

2. To formally introduce the executive and adviser to the newly recruited officers.


  • Maria Jocelle Cruz

    Maria Jocelle Cruz

    Lead and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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  • Christelle Ridad

    Christelle Ridad

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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  • Sofia Landrito

    Sofia Landrito

    Chief Creatives Officer (CCO)

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  • Katrine Balite

    Katrine Balite

    Chief Operations Officer (COO)

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  • Fionna Desserei Baculi

    Fionna Desserei Baculi

    Chief Community Development Officer (CCDO)

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  • Ivan Cydney Adeva

    Ivan Cydney Adeva

    Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

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