Earth Engine in Action: Analysing Geospatial Data to Combat Climate Change

Unleash the Earth Engine superpower! Analyze massive geospatial datasets to fight climate change and manage resources efficiently. This Earth Engine workshop equips you with the tools to save the planet, pixel by pixel.

Feb 10, 7:00 – 8:00 PM



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AR / VREarth EngineSolution Challenge

About this event

Are you drowning in environmental data but thirsting for solutions? Fear not, eco-warriors! This workshop unlocks the secrets of Earth Engine, your weapon of choice for analyzing geospatial data and taking on climate change head-on.


Mapping deforestation in real-time: Track forest loss and guide conservation efforts with satellite imagery.

Predicting floods and droughts: Analyze weather patterns and prepare communities for climate extremes.

Optimizing resource management: Monitor water usage, map agricultural land, and ensure sustainable practices.

In this workshop, you'll:

Master the Earth Engine interface: Access and manipulate petabytes of satellite data effortlessly.

Craft powerful code scripts: Analyze data, visualize trends, and create actionable insights.

Collaborate with experts: Learn from environmental scientists and data visualization specialists.

Build your climate solution: Prototype an Earth Engine project that tackles a real-world challenge.

Leave this workshop ready to:

Join the fight against climate change with data-driven solutions.

Become an Earth Engine champion for sustainable resource management.

Make a lasting impact on the planet, one geospatial analysis at a time.

So, grab your laptop and your green spirit! This workshop is your launchpad to a data-driven future where Earth Engine empowers positive change for our planet.


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