AI for Good: Building a Sentiment Analysis App with Vertex AI and any JavaScript Framework

Unleash the Power of Words: Build a Sentiment Analysis App with Vertex AI and JavaScript. Turn opinions into insights and build apps that understand your users like never before.

Feb 9, 7:00 – 7:30 PM



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About this event

The Empathy Engine:

Ever wished your app could read minds? With this workshop, you'll build a sentiment analysis app powered by Vertex AI and JavaScript, giving your app the ability to understand user emotions and tailor its responses accordingly.


News feeds are curated based on reader sentiment.

Chatbots that adapt their tone to user emotions.

Product reviews are analyzed for instant feedback.

In this workshop, you'll:

Delve into the world of natural language processing with Vertex AI.

Craft a custom sentiment analysis model using your favorite JavaScript framework (React, Vue, etc.).

Deploy your app, analyze real-time user feedback, and make data-driven decisions.

Ready to build apps that truly understand your users? Join this workshop and unleash the power of sentiment analysis!


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