info Session of #AndroidSeekho

About this event

App development is one of the trending fields right now. Keeping this in mind, the Google Developers Student Clubs are back with another learning jam to help you build Android apps and learn all of the necessary skills that will help you develop your route to becoming an app developer.

#AndroidSeekho is a community-organized study group for folks who want to learn how to create Android apps in Kotlin utilizing Google's online curriculum.

Join us and learn how to develop Android apps with the Kotlin programming language. Completing the paths and units will allow you to win interesting android goodies!!!

Points to be covered in the session:

1) Introduction Of AndroidSeekho.

2) Registration Process.

3) Basic Knowledge about Kotlin.

4) How to install Android Studio.


Our team has put together an exciting swag pack for you to enjoy once you complete all the units of the course.

1) Android Cap

2) Android Key Chain

3) Mug

4) Stickers