Operations Research at Google - Progress and Challenges with the CP-SAT solver

ETH Zürich - Tannenstrasse 3 | ML Building - H 44 Zürich, 8006 ETH Zurich
Thu, Dec 16, 2021, 2:15 PM (CET)

About this event

In this speaker session, we are joined by Dr. Laurent Perron, the Tech Lead of Google's Operations Research (OR) team. Laurent is the main maintainer of Google's open source "OR-Tools" software, which includes the award-winning constraint programming and satisfiability (CP-SAT) solver.

CP-SAT won all gold medals in the Minizinc challenge in the tracks it participated in the last 4 years. It also proved 5 open problems in the MIPLIB 2017 suite, and improved bounds on a few more.

It achieved state of the art results on scheduling problems. In a sense, it realizes the old dream of having a good mixed-integer program (MIP) solver and a good CP solver in the same engine.

In this presentation, we will present how SAT technology has enabled this merging of the two techniques in a competitive way, and conclude with the challenges and research opportunities in front of us.

This event will take place in person at ETH Zürich. Only registered participants may attend the event, and masks must be worn at all times. A COVID certificate is required (vaccinated, recovered, or tested).

Please note that due to the current pandemic situation, the event may be canceled or postponed at short notice. In such a case, we will do our best to either host the event virtually or postpone to a future date that allows for in-person meeting.

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Thursday, Dec 16
2:15 PM - 4:00 PM (CET)


ETH Zürich
Tannenstrasse 3 | ML Building - H 44 Zürich8006


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