Socially aware AI

BC410, EPFL - Rte Cantonale BC 420 Lausanne, 1015 - View Map EPFL
Fri, Mar 10, 1:00 PM (CET)

Professor Alexandre Alahi will talk about socially aware AI, which involves robots that can perceive human behavior and reason with social intelligence in crowded social scenes.

About this event

Prof. Alexandre Alahi is a tenure-track assistant professor and the head of the Visual Intelligence for Transportation laboratory (VITA) at EPFL. Prior to joining EPFL, he worked as a postdoc at Stanford University, where he met Andrej Karpathy, the former Director of AI at Tesla. Interestingly, they are now friends! Prof. Alahi even invited Mr. Karpathy to speak to students who took the Deep Learning for Autonomous Vehicles course last semester. Prof. Alahi's research focuses on autonomous driving, specifically perception, prediction, and planning, which he refers to as the"three pillars."

During the talk, Prof. Alahi will be tackling Socially Aware AI: i.e., robots that can not only perceive human behavior but reason with social intelligence - the ability to make safe and consistent decisions in unconstrained crowded social scenes.




Friday, Mar 10
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CET)


Rte Cantonale BC 420 Lausanne1015