GDSC Lausanne Info Session

Thu, Oct 6, 2022, 7:15 PM (CEST)

An Introductory session to explain what is a GDSC, what is its goals and what are our plans for this chapter. We will reveal the available roles for you to join the core team. Moreover, we will give a brief about our plans for the next semester and what is our vision towards the solution challenge. Anyone from any specialization, age, or background is welcome.

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About this event

This is the first year for this GDSC chapter. During this meeting we will explain the following :

- What is a GDSC? 

- What activities are we going to hold this year? 

- How can one participate in these activities?

- What are the available roles for the core team? 

- What are the perks of participating in these events? 

- What impact do GDSCs have worldwide? 

Anyone from any specialization, age, or background can come.