Solution Challenge 2023: Info Session

Join us for an info session on the Google Developer Student Clubs Solution Challenge! Discover how you can use Google technology to make a positive impact on the world and learn about the exciting prizes that can be won.

Feb 7, 2023, 8:00 – 8:45 PM



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Solution Challenge

About this event

Would you like to know more about the Google Developer Student Clubs Solution Challenge? 🤔 Are you interested in using Google technology for a positive impact on the world? 😇 Then don't miss the upcoming info session!

Join us virtually Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9:00 PM to learn more about the challenge, how you can participate, and the amazing prizes that you can win! You'll also hear from previous winners of the solution challenges and get insights into how they used technology for sustainable development.

This is your chance to connect with like-minded individuals, gain knowledge from others, and develop your skills. Don't miss this opportunity to make a positive change! 🏆


  • Merouane Zouaid

    GDSC ENSAM Rabat Lead



    GDSC Lead

  • Merouane Zouaid


  • Rhandi Taher

    Educational Content Architect

  • Badr Harcha

    Educational Content Architect.

  • Oulaiya Gaddari

    Content Architect & Social Media Manager

  • Marwane Ait Si Ahmad

    Motion designer lead

  • El Fahssi Mohamed

    Tech Scout

  • Mehdi Benabdelkader

    Branding designer lead

  • Zerrad Abdelmounaim


    Tech Scout

  • Mohamed Erraffas

    Club Coordinator.

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