Cracking the coding interview (8th session)

MetaForum 0.593, MF 3 - Het Eeuwsel 53 Eindhoven Eindhoven, 5612AZ - View Map Eindhoven University of Technology
Tue, Apr 18, 5:00 PM (CEST)

In the 8th session of "Cracking the coding interview" we will take a look at sorting and searching.

About this event

Here is the approximate schedule:

1. December 13th (Arrays, Strings)

2. January 17th (LinkedLists, Hash Tables, ArrayLists)

3. February 7th (Stacks and queues)

4. February 14th (Trees)

5. March 2nd (Prim's kruskal's algorithm + more trees)

6. March 16th (Intro to Graphs, Dijkstra’s algorithm, BFS)

7. March 30th (DFS + topological sort)

8. April 18th (Sorting, searching)

9. Date will be announced (Greedy algorithms)

10. Date will be announced (More greedy algorithms)

11. Date will be announced (Recursion/backtracking)

12. Date will be announced (DP)

13. Date will be announced (DP on trees)


Tuesday, Apr 18
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (CEST)


MetaForum 0.593, MF 3
Het Eeuwsel 53 Eindhoven Eindhoven5612AZ