#1 - Deepak Sridhar: Google, Sustainability, Career, Finding your Passion, Entrepreneurship

During this conversation, we talk with Deepak, a long-time employee at Google and creator of the Google developer student club program in places around the globe, who now travels the world, enthusiastically attempting to make sustainability an engaging topic for younger generation.

Dec 9, 2023, 4:37 – 4:38 PM



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Career Development

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“Learn the art of active listening and communication”.

The advice from Deepak, to his younger self. He was a long-time employee at Google and the creator of the Google Developer Student Club program in several places around the world, now travels the globe, passionately striving to make sustainability an engaging topic for the younger generation.

How? Through the lens of a board game. You play 'Energetic' and subconsciously learn about the connection between green energy and politics and different sources of energy extraction.

But honestly, it's so mind-blowing how much a person with vast amount of knowledge can share within a short span of 2 hours, thereby inspiring you to be curious, and to do what your heart truly desires. Of course, it's hard to understand what the heart desires, but that's what we live for. But more on that in the podcast. Tune in, listen, and discover more about:

- working at Google,

- sustainability,

- finding your passion,

- entrepreneurship.

Special thanks to Deepak Sridhar for joining us 🙏.

We will keep going and will meet in the next episode after Christmas ;)

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/01F41DaTIzIkE6RNgVxTnj?si=ccf42045c0654481

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awxWjEl8JhM


  • Deepak Sridhar

    City Atlas

    Global Development Manager


  • Zilvinas Aleksa

    GDSC Lead

  • Povilas Kazlauskas


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