#5 Heico Sandee: Smart Robotics, Startups and the future of robots

This episode dives into the fascinating career of Heico Sandee, the CEO of Smart Robotics, a company that develops develops intelligent, robot-independent software.

Apr 3, 12:00 – 2:00 PM



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This episode delves into the captivating career of Heico Sandee, the CEO of Smart Robotics, a company pioneering intelligent, robot-agnostic software. We trace his path from his academic pursuits at the TU/e to his role as founder and current CEO of Smart Robotics.

Get the inside scoop on:

Innovations at Smart Robotics: Learn how Smart Robotics delivers distinctive technology and services to automate pick & place operations within fulfillment centers.

Startup Origins: Explore Sandee's entrepreneurial journey in founding Smart Robotics and the milestones that propelled the company's success.

Challenges and Triumphs: Uncover the obstacles encountered along the way and how they were overcome.

The Future of Robotics: Hear insights on the evolution of robotics, particularly the exciting convergence of robotics and AI.

This episode is essential for anyone fascinated by robotics, entrepreneurship, startups, and the horizons of technology. Join us for invaluable wisdom from Heico Sandee's extraordinary career.


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