Project Management Session

Project Management Session

Feb 5, 5:00 – 7:00 PM



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كل مشروع هو رحلة مليئة بالتحديات والفرص، وتبرز أهمية إدارة المشاريع كمفتاح لتحقيق النجاح لأنها ليست مجرد جدول زمني ومهام بل هي فن يجسد الرؤية والابتكار وتتطلب تناغمًا بين التخطيط الدقيق والإشراف الفعّال.🚀✨

انطلقوا معنا في رحلة إدارة المشاريع، حيث نخلق قصص النجاح ونحوّل التحديات إلى فرص 💫

كل دا هنعرفه مع :

ENG : Ahmed Aly Aldaba🔥

- He is a Telecommunications Engineer graduated from the Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University.

- He is the Managing Director of Ajax Business Solutions Company.

- He is also a Certified Positive Psychology Coach from International Coaching Federation (ICF).

- Co-founded Spark Egypt Training Agency and was its Marketing director.

- He worked as Projects Manager for Procter & Gamble Dry Laundry, Home Care, and Warehousing Projects. Before that, he was a manufacturing leader for P&G Egypt Dry Laundry Packing lines.

- He delivers training at the Canadian International College School of Business, teaching a variety of programs and courses covering topics in Management, Marketing, and Personal Development.

- He is a certified Advanced Trainer from City College Oxford - UK with 14+ years of experience as professional Trainer & Consultant in the Fields of Soft Skills & Business Skills.

- Helped CEOs and Senior Managers as well as startup owners.

🗓مستنيينكم يوم الإتنين 5 فبراير ⏱الساعة 7 مساءاََ 📍لايف على صفحتنا على الفيسبوك

متنساش تسجل ف الفورم 🤩👇 


  • Ahmed Shatat

    Google DSC EELU-Menoufia

    GDSC Lead

  • Alaa Youssef Nassar

    Google DSC EELU Menoufia Founder


  • Mariam Gamal

    Human Resources

  • Mohamed Wael

    Iris media production

    Graphic Designer

  • Marwan Mohammed

    GDSC Cairo

    Public Relations

  • Nour Sallam

    Graphic Designer

  • Hoda Sakr

    Content Writer

  • habiba Abd Elmonam

    Content Writer

  • Mariam Mahmoud

    Human Resources

  • yasmeen eldeeb

    Human Resources

  • Samaa Shreif

    Human Resources

  • ali kabaly

    Graphic Designer

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