what's new in Flutter

Egyptian E-Learning University, Assiut
Mon, May 23, 2022, 7:00 PM (EET)

About this event

🔴 Let’s see what happened in Google I/O 🤩

🔘 For those who do not know what Google I/O is, it is an annual developer conference. It discusses the latest and most critical new technologies and services related to the Google ecosystem. The conference lasted for 10 days and we would like to do recap sessions about what happened at the event.🤗

🔴 Our second session is all about what's new in Flutter🔥

🔘 And for those who are also not familiar with Flutter, in short, it is an open-source framework from Google that is used to make cross-platform applications efficiently through one code that works on more than one type of operating system such as Android, Ios, Windows, Linux, and the web.⚡

🔘 The session will talk about what's new in Flutter that was announced at the conference

🔘 Eng Tariq Al-Abed will be joining us as a speaker💖

▶ Google Developer Expert

▶ Software Engineer Team Leader & Founder at MegaTrust

▶ Google Developer Grops organiser

🔘 Stay tuned tomorrow Monday 5/23 at 7 pm 👀✨

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