What is Qwiklabs

Egyptian E-Learning University, Assiut
Tue, Oct 12, 2021, 8:00 PM (EET)

About this event

What is Qwiklabs and its uses and what will we benefit from it 🤔

🔘 In Session you will know:-

► What is Qwiklabs?

► How do you deal with it?

▶ What can you benefit from?

▶ How to get a free subscription to it?

► Where we will use it for the next period of time?

► What is the track that will start this month?

🔘 Waiting for you on Tuesday 12/10 at 8 live here on the page ⚡

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ايه هو Qwiklabs واستخماته وهنستفيد منه ايه 🤔

🔘 في سيشن دي هتعرف:-

◀ ايه هو Qwiklabs؟

◀ ازاي تتعامل معاه ؟

◀ ايه الي ممكن تستفاده منه ؟

◀ ازاي تحصل علي اشتراك مجاني فيه ؟

◀ هنستخدمه فايه طول الفتره الجايه ؟

◀ التراك الي هيبدا الشهر ده ؟

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