Introduction to Git and GitHub

Egyptian E-Learning University, Assiut
Tue, Sep 27, 8:00 PM (EET)

About this event

"I Love Git, I'm never going back"

we will start our first session.. and it will be about "Introduction to Git and GitHub".

and how to use it like a pro and understand each command you write. why Git, Tags, Branches and it will present to you by Eng. Marawan Mamdouh he is:

🔹️ Native mobile application developer, and presented many technical training talks at MLSA, GDSCs, and Google digital days.

🔹️ Certified Android developer Nano degree from Udacity.

🔹️ Google Developer Student Club EELU Founder & Lead, GDG Co-Organizer, Microsoft Ambassador.

🔹️ Coach & Mentor at the Egyptian Olympiad in Informatics and ICPC EELU.