Introduction to Data Analysis

Motivated to know what is “Data Analysis” and dive into its phases. Join us at this event to discover one of the main phases of the ML projects' process.

Nov 21, 2021, 5:00 – 6:00 PM



Key Themes

Machine Learning

About this event

🔴 Motivated to know what is “Data Analysis” and dive into its phases and discover its usages you are in the right place 🔥

🔘 No prerequisite knowledge is needed. 😁

🔘 Today information and data are the most important things in our life so Data Analysis is important to prepare and explore the data the turn it into useful information.

🔘 one of the important tasks of Data Analysis is to use in the machine learning field for choosing the correct features that will help you in the improvement of the machine learning model's evaluation.

🔘 All of these and more you will know in this session with Eng “Taha Bouhsine” he is:-

▶ Data Scientist/Fullstack Engineer.

▶ Google Developer Student Clubs Lead.

▶ TensorFlow Developer.

▶ Lead of Agadir Group.

▶ "" ambassador.

🔴 Attendees will get a certificate at the end of the session. jump now and start to register your ticket by clicking the "RSVP" button⚡💪

The session will be tomorrow 21/11 at 7 PM, waiting for you ❤


  • Taha Bouhsine

    TFUG Agadir Organizer

    Data Scientist


  • Mahmoud Elgzar

    GDSC Lead

  • Steven Ayman

    GDSC Mentor

  • Eman Hassan

    Head of Presentation

  • Shahd Aboelhamd Hamouda


  • Mirna Samer

    Head of HR

  • dina zewail


  • Febronia Attia


  • Zeyad Emam


  • محمد جمال نصار Mohamed Gamal Nassar

    Head of PR

  • Selwan Ezzat

    Egyptian E-learning University

    Content Writer

  • Peter Rafat

    Social media manager

  • Shehab Ahmed

    Technical speaker

  • Asmaa Khaled


    Technical speaker

  • Mosab Elkalyouby

    Technical speaker

  • Mina Remon

    Technical speaker

  • Beshoy Emad

    Technical speaker

  • Manar Ebrahim

    Technical speaker

  • Mahmoud Rafaat

    Technical Speaker

  • Shymaa Ahmed


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