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Google Cloud x BHI

Feb 23, 6:00 – 8:00 PM



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About this event

1. Linux and Bash Scripting

2. Git, GitHub and Version Control

3. GitHub workflows and GitHub pages

4. Docker and containerization

5. Infrastructure as a Code with Terraform

6. Fundamentals of Google Cloud

1st - Linux and Bash Scripting

Learn the basic commands used in your day-to-day work with Linux and how to write a bash script to automate repetitive tasks.

Project: Getting Started with Bash Scripts

2nd - Git, GitHub and Version Control

Learn the Fundamentals of Version Control, Setting Up Git, Working with Local Repositories, and Working with GitHub.

Project: Getting Started with Git & GitHub

3rd - GitHub workflows and GitHub pages

Learn about GitHub workflows, how to use it in automating tasks on GitHub, and how to use GitHub pages in hosting your website.

Project: Getting started with GitHub workflows and GitHub pages

4th - Docker and Containerization

Learn about docker images, docker hub, and how to build a docker container to containerize your application.

Project: Getting started with Docker and Containerization

5th - Infrastructure as a Code with Terraform

Learn about how terraform can be used to automate the infrastructure build process with some simple lines of code.

Project: Getting started with Terraform

6th - Fundamentals of Google Cloud

Learn about Google Cloud fundamentals and how to get started on it.

Project: Deploy a Flask web application to Google Cloud


  • John Aziz

    GDG Cloud Egypt

    Cloud Expert


  • Mahmoud Elgzar

    GDSC Lead

  • Steven Ayman

    GDSC Mentor

  • Shehab Ahmed


  • Eman Hassan


  • Shahd Aboelhamd Hamouda


  • Mirna Samer

    Head of HR

  • dina zewail


  • Febronia Attia


  • Zeyad Emam

    Backend Developer

  • Peter Rafat

    Social media manager

  • Asmaa Khaled


    Technical speaker

  • Mina Remon

    Technical speaker

  • Beshoy Emad

    Technical speaker

  • Manar Ebrahim

    Technical speaker

  • Mahmoud Rafaat

    Technical Speaker

  • Shymaa Ahmed


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